1. For information, the Customer is notified that customs authorities will not charge duties if the value of the order is worth 1,000 (one thousand) US dollars within 30 days.If the cost of the order exceeds 1,000 (one thousand) US dollars within 30 (thirty) calendar days, the Customer will be obligated to pay customs duties to customs authorities at the rate of 36% (thirty six per cent) of the total value of the order.

  2. Insurance of the ordered goods is not carried out by the Deliverer and thus the Deliverer is not responsible for it.

  3. The deliverer is not responsible for any defective item in the package that is shipped on the basis of order. In such cases, the Customer may only make a claim against the Seller for the defective item to be fixed.

  4. Once the ordered package has been delivered to the Deliverer’s office, the latter will notify the Customer via a phone call, SMS, mailing notification or e-mail. Once the Customer is notified via any of the aforesaid means, the Customer will be considered officially notified by the Deliverer. The customer will pick up the package from the Deliverer at Merkez mahalle, Onur sokak, 2b, a14523 MOVER MMC. If the Customer would like the package to be delivered directly to his/her address, the customer can opt for paid courier service.  

  5. In case the Customer does not pick up the package within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the moment the Customer is notified of the package’s delivery to the Deliverer’s office, the customer will be charged AZN 0.50 (zero manat, 50 qəpik) as a storage fee. The Customer can not obtain the package unless he makes all the payment he/she is obliged to pay to the Deliverer.

  6. In case the Customer does not pick up the package within 3 (three months) from the moment the Deliverer notifies the Customer of the receipt of the ordered package from the office, the item(s) in the package shall become the Deliverer’s property.

  7. If the ordered is a fragile item, the Deliver must, before giving the package, open it to make sure the item is not damaged. In case the Customer does not want the package to be opened, the Deliverer will not be responsible for any further problem related to it.

  8. The delivery cost of the ordered package is calculated on two criteria (weight and volume). The customer pays for the most part of the calculated transportation charges on these criteria. At the time of payment based on the volume criterion, the width * altitude * length / 6000 standard is applied.

  9. Delivery of packages is formalized by receipt.

  10. In the case of delay of the order due to reasons not dependent on the Deliverer, the Deliverer shall bear responsibility and such a case shall not be deemed to be a basis for refusing the order.

Chat conversations with the Deliverer, as well as any information that pertains to the Customer and is known to the Deliverer, incoming calls to the Deliverer’s call center are archived, and the confidentiality is protected by Mover LLC.